Real Life Spaish Podcast - What did you say

Learn to ask “What did you say?” like a native Spanish speaker

Spanish teachers and textbooks typically teach you to use the verb repetir to get someone to repeat what they said.  But if you want to sound more like a native speaker there are several other options that will keep you from sounding like you learned Spanish from a grammar book.

In this episode of the Real Life Spanish podcast series we take a look at several ways to tell someone that you didn’t hear them.

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  1. I’m wondering if what you say is mostly heard in Mexico also is used in Spanish you hear in the United States? For example in Texas, since so many Mexicans live in Texas?

    1. Post

      Hola Pinky.

      Without a doubt Mexicans will use “¿mande?”, which is a very Mexican word.

      You’ll hear them use it in Mexico and here in the US, almost exclusively. I honestly can’t think of a time I ever heard a Mexican say anything but that. And you aren’t likely to hear it used by any other Spanish speakers.

      The rest of the expressions I mentioned will be understood by Mexican speakers, it’s just not their custom to use them.

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