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If you want to speak and understand everyday conversational Spanish, listen to this podcast to learn what the Spanish verb
Did you know there are at least 10 uses of the Spanish verb IR?  Most Spanish books just teach you
Your Spanish teacher taught you how to tell someone your name and ask for theirs.   The problem is when it
The Spanish word YA is widely used.   Learn when and how Spanish speakers use it in daily conversation.   It isn't
Like the verb Ser, Estar is another one of the Spanish verbs you absolutely have to master. Listen to this
The verb Ser is one the fundamental building blocks the Spanish language is built on. This isn't a verb you
The verb dar means a lot more than to give.   Learn ten of the of most common ways to use
You've been taught that the verb tener means to have, but there's so much more your Spanish teacher left out. 
If you want to achieve conversational fluency in Spanish, knowing how Spanish speakers use the verb hacer in everyday situations
You've probably only been taught that Ver means to see, but it has 6 other uses  you need to know.   
You learned that poner means to put, but what about all the other meanings? In this podcast you'll learn nine
The Spanish verb faltar is rarely mentioned in the classroom but is extremely common in spoken Spanish. It has a
If you think the Spanish verb conocer is just for making introductions then you need to listen to this podcast.
Pasar has at least 13 uses that you need to know if you want to achieve Spanish fluency. Your first
In this podcast you'll learn 11 uses of llevar that will make you sound like a native speaker. Your Spanish
The meaning of the verb bajar in Spanish is to go down.  Or should I say that's one of it's
Saber has a couple of surprising uses that you may not know about.  Your textbook says it means to to
You may have heard the Spanish verb dejar before but did you know it has over 18 different uses in
The Spanish verb quedar has a wide variety of meanings on it's own, but on top of that it's very
Spanish teachers and textbooks typically teach you to use the verb repetir to get someone to repeat what they said. 
Do you know the meaning of the verb quedarse? You might think you do, but the Spanish verb quedarse doesn't
Alcanzar is verb that’s rarely talked about, but it has a several uses you should know about. If you don't
In today's podcast I’m going to talk about the Spanish I’ve learned during my visits to Baja Norte, or Northern
You see the expression qué tal in Spanish books on occasion, but most of the time they just tell you it's an
Welcome to another episode of the Real Life Spanish podcast series where you'll learn the Spanish you need for real life
In Spanish there are three different ways you can say excuse me using the words perdón, con permiso and disculpe, but