¡Feliz Año Nuevo atrasado!I know what you're thinking, isn't it a little late to be wishing someone Happy New Year? And
Just when you think something should be pretty straight-forward in Spanish you find it out it's not. Like when I
Let's start with a translation: Casi me caigo de culo I almost fall on my ass Hmm.  "I almost fall...".
Contractions in Spanish
According to your Spanish textbook there are only two contractions in Spanish. Your Spanish textbook and most likely your Spanish
While I don't consider myself a teacher by any stretch of the imagination, today I'm going to try and simplify
I run a Spanish Meet Up group and every week the same question comes up, "How long have you been
My previous two post covered how to say could have and should have in Spanish.  Here are the links for
Today we're going to talk about how to say should have in Spanish. There are two ways to say should
There are tons of articles about many aspects of the Spanish language, but I rarely see anything written about how
In my last post I wrote about Tips for learning the Spanish Subjunctive Tense.  Today we're going to take a look