Hola, Soy Rodney

Traveler. Blogger. Podcaster. Self-taught Spanish speaker.

Your Conversational Spanish Coach

I started my journey with Spanish like many people, completing a few years of high school Spanish but yet wasn’t even able to have the most basic conversation.

Fast forward some 20ish years later (around 2005) with one trip to Mexico under my belt, my desire to learn Spanish was rekindled. Since then I’ve become obsessed with Spanish and have dedicated the last thirteen years to learning Spanish and at some point along the way became a fluent Spanish speaker.

I’ve also traveled to a number of Spanish speaking countries, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia and Nicaragua and I’ve been helping people learn Spanish by sharing my language, travel and cultural experiences that I’ve gained since 2005.

I’ve been blogging since 2008, running a Spanish conversation group on MeetUp.com since 2011, teaching conversational Spanish classes since 2013 and recording learning Spanish podcasts since 2016.