Making plans – Letting people know when you’ll be there

In the last quick tip I gave you some handy phrases to help you make plans with your Spanish speaking amigos, How to say I’m on the way.

Today I’ll give you five sentences you can use to let them know when to expect you.

Voy a llegar tarde – I’m going to get there late
Voy tarde – I’m running late
Estoy casi llegando – I’m almost there
Llego en diez minutos – I’ll be there in ten minutes
Ya llegué – I’m here

And there you have it.   These sentences work whether you’re texting or talking on the phone  with your Spanish speaking friends.

By the way, if you don’t understand the image at the top of the page, it says:

Ya voy llegando
I’m almost there now

Frase típica que dices cuando aún ni sales de tu casa
A typical phrase you say when you still haven’t even left the house

Funny, but sometimes true.   And now that’s six phrases for you to use.

You can find more useful phrases like these on the Say it in Spanish page.


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