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Your Spanish teacher taught you how to tell someone your name and ask for theirs.   The problem is when it
The Spanish word YA is widely used.   Learn when and how Spanish speakers use it in daily conversation.   It isn't
Sooner or later you're going to have to ask the price of things in Spanish, and I'm going to guess
When it comes to answering the question "¿Cómo estás?", your Spanish book typically only offers you a limited number of
For many years I thought I knew the only word there was for traffic in Spanish.  Well, turns out I
Real Life Spaish Podcast - What did you say
Spanish teachers and textbooks typically teach you to use the verb repetir to get someone to repeat what they said. 
About two weeks ago I caught up with an old friend who had spent a bit of time in Nicaragua.  
In today's podcast I’m going to talk about the Spanish I’ve learned during my visits to Baja Norte, or Northern
Welcome to another episode of the Real Life Spanish podcast series where you'll learn the Spanish you need for real life
In Spanish there are three different ways you can say excuse me using the words perdón, con permiso and disculpe, but