Demystifying the verb Faltar

The Spanish verb faltar is rarely mentioned in the classroom but is extremely common in spoken Spanish. It has a number of uses and can sometimes be confusing, but this podcast will teach you everything you need to know so you can make the verb faltar a part of your everyday Spanish vocabulary and start sounding like a native speaker.

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Season 1 includes the verbs dar, tener, hacer, ver, faltar, poner, pasar, conocer, bajar, llevar, saber, dejar, quedar, quedarse, ser, estar and alcanzar.

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  1. Sometimes the use of negatives in Spanish slows up my comprehension of a sentence. I had to bear down for a moment when I came across this:

    It won’t rain, so you don’t need to take an umbrella. No va a llover, así que no te hace falta llevar un paraguas.

    I like your presentation on faltar.

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