Using the verb Dar to talk about what’s showing on television or at the movies

Being able to tell or ask someone about what’s showing on television or in the theater is one of those things you never think about until you realize that you have no idea how to say it, which is always in the middle of a conversation.

Hopefully you’re reading this before you find yourself tongue tied and speechless like I was when I needed this bit of Spanish and didn’t know it.

Enough chit-chat, let’s get to it by looking at some examples.

Dan una película de terror a las ocho en el canal 26.
They’re showing a horror movie at eight on channel 26.

Esta noche dan una película de Tom Hanks.
They’re showing a Tom Hanks movie tonight.

¿Qué van a dar en en la televisión esta noche?
What are they showing on television tonight?

¿Qué dan en el cine este fin de semana?
What’s playing at the movies this weekend?

Hoy están dando un documental muy interesante.
Today they’re showing an interesting documentary.

Did you notice that nearly all of the examples use the third person conjugation, “dan”? That’s the conjugation you’ll use most of the time. On occasion you’ll use ‘da’. Here’s an example.

El cine en el centro es el único que da películas extranjeras.
The theatre downtown is the only one that shows foreign movies.

Pan comido right?

The examples I gave you should help you get started mastering this usage of the verb Dar. And if you don’t know, the Spanish verb Dar has several other uses.

You can listen to my free podcast to learn the most common uses of the verb Dar to help you improve your conversational Spanish and increase your comprehension of spoken Spanish.

10 Ways to use Dar like a native speaker

And that’s it! Espero que les sirva.

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