Saber – The meanings no one told you about

Saber has a couple of surprising uses that you may not know about. ¬†Your textbook says it means to to know facts, but it’s used for so much more than that. ¬†Listen the podcast to learn everything you really need to know about the verb saber to help you get closer to Spanish fluency.

You can listen to the All About Spanish Verbs Season 1 podcasts for free.

Season 1 includes the verbs dar, tener, hacer, ver, faltar, poner, pasar, conocer, bajar, llevar, saber, dejar, quedar, quedarse, ser, estar and alcanzar.

Click here to download the audio and word-for-word transcripts for all 17 episodes of All About Spanish Verbs Season 1 for only $4.99

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  1. I think that these “word studies” add depth and dimension to our understanding of commonly used Spanish vocabulary. Many thanks for committing the hours of work needed to organize and present them. Please keep them coming!!!!!

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