18 Common uses of the verb Dejar


You may have heard the Spanish verb dejar before but did you know it has over 18 different uses in Spanish?

In this podcast I explain the 18 most common uses of the verb dejar.  Dejar is very much a high frequency verb that you’ll hear daily in spoken Spanish, so you need to have a solid understanding of how it’s used. Listen to this free learning Spanish podcast to learn everything you need to know about the Spanish verb dejar so you can improve your understanding of the Spanish language and enhance your ability to express yourself in Spanish.

You can listen to the All About Spanish Verbs Season 1 podcasts for free.

Season 1 includes the verbs dar, tener, hacer, ver, faltar, poner, pasar, conocer, bajar, llevar, saber, dejar, quedar, quedarse, ser, estar and alcanzar.

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  1. What a wonderful idea — to record intensive studies of single high-frequency verbs that have so many varied uses. Very pleasant voice, too, Rodney. Easy listening.

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