3 Ways to ask for happy hour specials in Spanish
There’s nothing better than sipping on a refreshing margarita during happy hour no matter if it’s on the beaches of Cancun or at your local Mexican restaurant. Here are three ways to ask your bartender about happy hour drink specials.   ¿Tiene especiales de bebidas? Do you have any drink specials? ¿Tiene ofertas de happy… (0 comment)

10+ Uses of the Spanish verb Quedar
The Spanish verb quedar has a wide variety of meanings on it’s own, but on top of that it’s very often confused with quedarse, which is reflexive and has completely different meanings. In this podcast I’ll explain the most common uses of quedar and remove the mystery and confusion surrounding this very flexible and useful… (1 comment)

Learning Spanish with Gritty Spanish 2
Today I decided to write about one of my favorite learning Spanish products, Gritty Spanish 2. I’ve purchased numerous other Spanish dialog collections in the past, and they’ve all been helpful and worth the time, money and effort I invested in them.   But none of them have been as interesting and captivating as Gritty Spanish.  … (0 comment)

Making plans – How to say I’m on the way
Welcome to another installment of Quick tips to improve your Spanish.  This series of posts offers short and simple Spanish tidbits that you can use immediately.  Let’s jump right into things. In today’s post you’ll learn how to tell someone you’re on the way. Hanging out with your Spanish amigos is always fun.  Here are… (0 comment)