Say it in Spanish

Being able to tell or ask someone about what's showing on television or in the theater is one of those
It never fails. You're in middle of  a conversation and you lose your train of thought.  Maybe you got distracted,
We all love getting those free chips they give us in Mexican restaurants, and today we're going to learn what
When it comes to shopping in Spanish, "ir de compras" is about as far as your Spanish book is going
In today's world cell phones have become a routine part of daily conversation.   In this post you're going to learn
The holiday season is here and if your Christmas vocabulary is a little lacking, this article is going to help
Like many things in Spanish, I didn't know I needed this until I was in the moment and it was
Asking someone for a ride is one of those common everyday things that everyone does, and sooner or later you're
Tarde o temprano (sooner or later) the time will come when you need to give someone your condolences in Spanish. 
Whether you're an expat catching the local bus across town, a tourist traveling across the country on luxury bus or