¡Tardaste mucho!
The verb tardar is is really useful and will make a great addition to your Spanish tool box.   If you want to talk about how long it takes to do something, then this is the verb you need.  Let’s look at some examples. You can use it to talk about how long it will take… (0 comment)

How I learned to conjugate verbs
I run a Spanish conversation group and one of the questions I routinely get from beginners is “What’s the best way to learn to conjugate verbs?”.  Good question right? Verb conjugation is one of the most brutal parts of learning Spanish because there are no shortcuts, you have to put in a lot of hard… (0 comment)

15 Spanish phrases every beginner should know
Here is a short list of phrases that every beginning Spanish learner should know.  Let’s get to it. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a beginner is understanding what’s being said to you, because everything sounds like one huge run-on sentence.  You might actually understand what’s being said to you if they just… (0 comment)

Let’s start with a translation: Casi me caigo de culoI almost fall on my ass Hmm.  “I almost fall…”.  That doesn’t sound quite right does it?  At least not in English it doesn’t.  The correct English translation would be: I almost fell on my ass So what’s going on here?  There’s a simple explanation for… (1 comment)

Yo te invito
The verb invitar means to invite, and it’s usage is pretty straight-forward. Quiero invitarte a mi casa I want to invite you to my house ¿Hiciste una fiesta y no me invitaste? You threw a party and didn’t invite me? Te invito a festejar mi cumple I invite you to celebrate my birthday While we’re… (0 comment)

Informal Spanish Greetings
If you’re completely new to Spanish, then you should learn the basic greetings, and here’s a great lesson to help you with that:  Basic Spanish Greetings While knowing the basic greetings is really important, they aren’t very exciting.  In this post I’m going to talk about some very colloquial greetings that your Spanish book or… (1 comment)

Improving your listening skills
A critical part of being able to speak Spanish is being able to understand it when you hear it.  Easier said then done right?  Sure it’s hard, but there are things you can do to improve those wanna-be Spanish ears of yours. Let’s look at some of the ways you can improve your listening skills.… (0 comment)