The All About Spanish Verbs Podcast Series

Saber – The meanings no one told you about
Saber has a couple of surprising uses that you may not know about.  Your textbook says it means to to
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18 Common uses of the verb Dejar
  You may have heard the Spanish verb dejar before but did you know it has over 18 different uses
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10+ Uses of the Spanish verb Quedar
The Spanish verb quedar has a wide variety of meanings on it’s own, but on top of that it’s very
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Master the Spanish verb quedarse
5 of the most common uses of the Spanish verb Quedarse
Do you know the meaning of the verb quedarse? You might think you do, but the Spanish verb quedarse doesn’t
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Alcanzar – The Spanish verb you need to know but no one talks about
Alcanzar is verb that’s rarely talked about, but it has a several uses you should know about. If you don’t
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