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Michael M.

Jan 19, 2022

A great place for all levels of students of Spanish

I studied Spanish through a local institute that promoted Latin information, culture, classes, etc. After finishing the eight levels of instruction there, I and several others from those classes took private lessons from one of the institute’s instructors twice a week for several years. While I learned a lot of grammar and how to translate and we conversed with each other in Spanish, I felt as if I stopped advancing in my learning. Through a fellow classmate I learned of Rodney’s classes. I have been studying through Rodney and his classes for about two years.

I like the classes because Rodney is knowledgeable and understands how to reach all levels of students. He is very patient with everyone, from the basic beginner to the more advanced students such as myself.

He offers classes geared to multiple levels of students. He has lessons in grammar, translating, and ordinary conversation that someone would have in different settings. These settings are anything from ordering in a restaurant to getting around in a Spanish-speaking city to visiting a doctor. Some weeks his classes are very basic and others more advanced. Generally, I still take even the basic classes because they are good not only for review, but I always seem to still learn something new each time. When offering a class beyond the basic level, he still manages to impart learning and help to any basic level student taking the class.

I feel that I have improved my Spanish greatly. I feel more comfortable and relaxed when trying to communicate with Spanish speakers wherever I am. I feel confident enough so that I try to speak Spanish to a native speaker whenever I encounter one, such as at the grocery store or restaurant or the person who helps me with yard work. Rodney stresses that it’s not important to try to be fluent before using your Spanish. Just use it. We are generally patient with someone speaking English for whom English is a second language. So know that Spanish speakers will be generally patient with us learning this new language.

Not only does Rodney offer live classes online and now again in person at a local restaurant or other gathering place, but he also has podcasts and other material available online.

The price is right too. There is no contract. You pay a few dollars for only the classes you attend.

For all these reasons and a few more that I would offer if I spoke with you, I highly recommend taking these classes and checking his other resources.

Michael M.