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How to say Every Two Weeks in Spanish

How to say Every Two Weeks in Spanish
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Welcome to the first installment of Quick tips to improve your Spanish.  This series of posts offers short and simple Spanish tidbits that you can use immediately.  Let’s jump right into things.

Sooner or later you’re going to need to know how to say “every other week”.  And as you might guess, cada dos semanas is one way to say it.   But that’s not the only way to express the idea, and these alternatives may just make your Spanish sound a little more “native”.

1. Cada quince días: You can also shorten this to cada quince.

2. Cada quincena: This is really just a variation of the option #1.  Quincena means a fortnight, or two weeks.

3. Semanas alternas:  Alternating weeks

4. Una semana sí y una semana no:  One week yes one week no.  It sounds weird in English, but perfectly fine in Spanish.

5. una semana si y otra no:  It means the same as #4, just a slight variation.

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