4 Ways to say maybe in Spanish
Just when you think something should be pretty straight-forward in Spanish you find it out it’s not. Like when I learned how to say “maybe” in Spanish. And then I learned a second way to say maybe in Spanish.  Which was eventually followed by a third and a fourth way to say “maybe” in Spanish.… (0 comment)

Let’s start with a translation: Casi me caigo de culoI almost fall on my ass Hmm.  “I almost fall…”.  That doesn’t sound quite right does it?  At least not in English it doesn’t.  The correct English translation would be: I almost fell on my ass So what’s going on here?  There’s a simple explanation for… (1 comment)

Expressing accidental actions in Spanish
While I don’t consider myself a teacher by any stretch of the imagination, today I’m going to try and simplify a concept that can be a sticking point for many learners of Spanish, expressing accidental actions. Let’s pretend you accidentally broke a glass and need to fess up to it in Spanish.  You may be tempted… (0 comment)

Using Hacer to talk about the past in Spanish
I run a Spanish Meet Up group and every week the same question comes up, “How long have you been studying Spanish?”  And my answer is always the same: Llevo casi 10 años aprendiendo español I’ve been learning Spanish for almost 10 years Some of you may be surprised to see that you can answer… (2 comments)

How to say would have in Spanish
My previous two post covered how to say could have and should have in Spanish.  Here are the links for those posts: How to say Should Have in Spanish How to say Could Have in Spanish Today we’ll finish off this series by looking at how to say Would Have in Spanish. HOW TO SAY… (4 comments)

How to say should have in Spanish
Today we’re going to talk about how to say should have in Spanish. There are two ways to say should have in Spanish, but you’ve probably only been taught one, and both ways use the verb deber. The first way to say “should have” in Spanish is by using deber in the conditional tense: deber… (2 comments)

How to say could have in Spanish
There are tons of articles about many aspects of the Spanish language, but I rarely see anything written about how to say would have, could have and should have, so over the next couple of posts we’re going to take a look at this.  We’ll start with learning how to say could have in Spanish.… (1 comment)

In my last post I wrote about Tips for learning the Spanish Subjunctive Tense.  Today we’re going to take a look at reflexive verbs. I remember having boatloads of problems with reflexive verbs in the beginning of my Spanish studies. I can’t say I’ve mastered the subject, but I’ve certainly learned a lot. Today I’m going… (0 comment)